How to Engage Shoppers with Custom Retail Fixtures

Looking for fresh and new strategies to attract and engage retail shoppers, building developers and interior designers are finding new ways to improve and enhance consumer experience with custom retail fixtures and displays. 

The challenge of redefining the whole retail experience opens up many new opportunities for interior designers to team with industry-leading manufacturers in creating modern appealing custom fixtures, displays, signage and furniture, that will attract, engage and command consumers attention.

Custom Fixtures and Future Retail Trends

Retail is one of the fastest evolving industries today. With so many consumers shopping online, retailers must develop and improve the overall shopping experience to be both memorable and impactful. If you are interested in improving your stores appearance and attracting new shoppers, below are some excellent choices to make for custom retail fixtures:

Flexible Shelves:

Flexible store shelves and displays give retailers endless options for merchandisers. The greatest benefit- shelving can be adjusted to fit many different sizes of products which allow maximum functionality for store owners.

Moveable Retail Fixtures:

Mobile store fixtures that can be moved to where you need it most: clothing racks, rolling bins and other mobile displays allow you to move product around much more easily which help you put focus on certain products.

Moveable Light Boxes:

Permanent light box displays can be a nuisance when you want to re-arrange your store front. Make life easier by choosing mobile light boxes that can be quickly and easily repurposed to changing consumer needs

Improved Shopping Experience:

Integrating technology into the retail space allows stores to give each shopper a personalized retail experience. Ex. Smart fitting rooms and interactive advertisements.

Advanced Lighting:

LED lighting is the most common and most sought after lighting system due to its energy efficiency. Upgrade from those outdated flickering fluorescent lights that can still be found in smaller, older retail spaces. LED lighting better brightens your store versus traditional fluorescent and also lasts much longer.

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