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Pre-Construction Services in Ontario

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Pre-construction services are used in the planning of a future construction project before the construction takes place. Pre Construction Services are a modern and relatively new practice, long considered to be part of the construction project management process, which is the complete coordination, control and planning of a construction project from takeoff to completion. Pre construction services are aimed at reducing unnecessary construction costs and building a more functional and financially viable project.

GTA General Contractors Pre-Construction Services lead to value-added construction solutions that will match your project budget and needs. Utilizing our decades of experience in Design & Build Construction, we are able to provide our clients with the best quality service for the development, design and management of your future project, along with creating a realistic feasibility analysis and cost proposal for the commercial design process. 

Our GTA Construction managers and commercial design experts provide their many years of experience and insight to this crucial stage of the construction process. We collaborate with business owners to better understand their operational needs and make recommendations, while drawing on our many years of experience to provide the highest quality service possible. A comprehensive Pre-construction process is crucial to ensuring the success of your future project. Whatever plan of action the client chooses, our senior project managers and design experts are here to ensure your project is a success. 

Before the construction plans are developed, our senior construction team will provide expert advice and guidance on all aspects of the project including design feasibility, preliminary cost estimates, and material suggestions, which will help you to make a more informed decision.

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Leading Pre-Construction Services
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GTA General Contractors Pre-construction process also includes scheduling, budgeting and a large number of other specialized construction management tasks. At the end of the Pre-construction process, you will be more informed and aware of what is possible and how GTAGC can benefit your next project. 

Before the construction plans are developed, our senior construction team will provide expert advice and guidance on all aspects of the project including design feasibility, preliminary cost estimates, and material suggestions, which will help you to make a more informed decision.

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AT GTA General Contractors, we have been designing and building construction projects for over 29 years. Our Design construction team is comprised of resourceful, experienced, and professional construction managers and commercial designers. From the start of each project, our staff go above and beyond the call of duty to become one solid, effective and results driven team, together with our clients and our team of construction experts. Being the best in our field means that we are committed to every project, we have ingenious ideas that become reality and go the extra mile to deliver the best after-construction services.

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Our Pre Construction process

At GTA General Contractors, we apply our many years of experience, combined with our in-depth knowledge of construction services and current market conditions to make suggestions, evaluate alternatives, review feasibility, provide pre-construction pricing estimates, and offer expert level advice to all parties involved in the decision-making process.

Our Pre-Construction Services incorporate the required materials, systems, and elements into all construction documents to effectively build your porject without impacting functionality and design.

GTA General Contractors will meet with business owners, franchisees and design team and/or Owner’s or Franchisee’s Consultants to discuss and review the budget, schedule and design. GTA Construction Manager will consult with Owner and Architect regarding Site use and improvements, sustainability, and the selection of materials, building systems and equipment.

Our GTAGC Construction Manager will provide recommendations on construction feasibility; work force diversity; actions designed to minimize adverse effects of labor or material shortages; time requirements for procurement, installation and construction completion; and factors related to construction cost including possible LEED certification, feedback on alternative designs or materials, preliminary construction budgets and possible economies.

Once Location is confirmed, your GTAGC Construction Manager will provide Architectural and Permit drawing design package pricing proposal to you for review and approval along with a rough budget estimate for the initial construction stage.

The proposed construction budget estimate, including a statement of the estimated cost organized by trade categories, allowances, contingency, and other items and the fee that comprise your lump-sum construction budget. Your GTA Construction Manager will review the Plans and Specifications developed by the Architect and shall markup Drawings and Specifications and return these to the Architect after the review for revision if necessary.

If in his / her assessment your GTA Construction Manager, recognizes that costs may exceed previously approved budget estimates of the construction, the Construction Manager will make appropriate recommendations to the Owner and Architect to try and meet the budget to the best of their ability, including modification or substitution of systems, materials or other value engineering considerations.

Your GTA Construction Manager will review the building systems, materials and equipment for general appropriateness, utilize value engineering as appropriate, and provide information, to the extent specifically known by the Construction Manager, on relative cost and expected life cycles of intended materials and equipment.
Your GTA Construction Experts will assist you in obtaining the necessary approvals for the Project, and will obtain all necessary permits and licenses for the construction of the Project. Your Experienced GTA Construction Manager will assist, when requested, by providing information for the preparation and submission of applications or other documents necessary for the issuance of any variances or approvals required in connection with the design or construction of the Project from any local, provincial or federal government authorities having jurisdiction over the construction project.
Upon preparation of your preliminary design package, our Construction Manager will review the Drawings and Specifications for the Project and shall provide final construction cost based on final drawings requirements as included in project plans, specifications.
The final Construction & Cost Proposal to include a list of the Drawings and Specifications, Materials, Budget Allowances, Clarifications and Assumptions. 
If the Owner accepts the final construction proposal and cost, the final cost proposal and its basis shall be set forth in a contract Amendment. The final price shall be subject to additions and deductions by a change in the Work as provided in the Contract Documents and the date of Substantial Completion shall be subject to adjustment as provided in the Contract Documents. 
When you have sufficiently identified the Project requirements, and upon firm acceptance of final construction cost estimate presented by the construction manager, your GTA Construction Manager will consult with you to develop a preliminary Project Schedule. Your GTA Construction Manager shall meet and discuss the Schedule with you and obtain your approval of the preliminary Project Schedule that best suits your needs.
Your GTA Construction Manager will coordinate and integrate the preliminary Project Schedule with the services and activities of the Owner, Architect and Construction Manager. As work proceeds, the preliminary Project Schedule shall be updated to indicate proposed activity sequences and durations, milestone dates of receipt and approval of pertinent information, preparation and processing of shop drawings and samples, delivery of materials or equipment requiring long-lead time procurement, Owner’s occupancy requirements showing portions of the Project having occupancy priority, and proposed date of Substantial Completion.
If preliminary Project Schedule updates indicate that previously planned schedules may not be met, the Construction Manager shall make appropriate recommendations to the Owner and Architect to meet the required schedule to the best of ability.

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When GTA General Contractors is engaged early in the design process to provide preconstruction services, our construction clients receive valuable advice and input when the most critical project decisions are being made. 

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