Toilet Partition Installation in Toronto

Due to increased demand, GTA General Contractors Ltd. is now offering Toilet Partition Installation services to our valued customers. We will install all styles and materials of Toilet Partitions including Powder Coated, Solid Plastic, Phenolic, Stainless Steel, and Plastic Laminate. Toilet Partitions are able to be installed in four mounting styles such as Floor to Ceiling, Floor Mounted, Ceiling Hung, and Floor Mounted / Overhead Braced.

Powder Coated Steel Partitions

Overview: The most affordable partition available is powder coated steel. This partition is made up of durable cardboard surrounded by a thick sheet of steel than it is covered in a powder coat finish. This style of toilet partition is then run through an oven which bakes the powder coating on – giving it a very clean and durable finish.

Durability: This style is incredibly durable and is consider the best choice for budget conscious projects.

Advantages: Powder coated steel is one of the most common partitions around and is also one of the most recommended. It offers a strong and durable construction while promoting a high quality finish.

Plastic Laminate Partitions

Overview: Plastic laminate partitions are constructed by applying a thin layer of laminate to particle board. These can come in regular or Moisture-Guard finishes. Moisture-Guard has additional edging on the corners to prevent moisture penetration

Durability: Plastic laminate is another very durable toilet partition, however, this style should not be used in rooms with higher humidity like bathrooms with showers or saunas. This style is best used in only bathrooms.
Advantages: This style is very customizable. There are many different colours and styles to choose from including wood grains and solid patterns.

Solid Plastic Partitions

Overview: Solid plastic toilet partitions are one of the most durable partitions available. They are constructed of 1-inch thick solid plastic panels.

Durability: Solid plastic is very popular in schools and daycares as they can handle heavy foot traffic and still hold their value.
Advantages: This style of partitions is one of the most durable available. Although they are on the pricier side of partitions they do hold their value and last a lot longer than other styles.

Phenolic / Compact Laminate Partitions

Overview: Phenolic or Compact Laminate Partitions are made by layering sheets of kraft paper and compressing them together. After, they are submerged in specialized resin and heated to create one extremely durable panel.

Durability: Phenolic partitions are one of the most durable partition materials you will find. They are water-resistant, heat-resistant, anti-microbial, graffiti resistant, and are easy to clean. This option is an excellent choice for medical and educational projects or any bathroom with heavy foot traffic.

Advantages: This material is relatively new to the market and has quickly become one of the most popular partition materials you can buy today. This material is very versatile and is being used for many different applications such as toilet partitions, cabinetry, counter-tops, house and building siding / facade.

Stainless Steel Partitions


Overview: Stainless steel partitions are an excellent choice for higher end buildings. This style is available in several different patterns, such as textured, smooth and diamond patterns.

Durability: Since these are made of stainless steel they are very solid in construction. These are also waterproof which is another great perk for cleaning and maintenance.

Advantages: Stainless steel partitions have a very luxurious appearance. If you have the available budget and want a high quality appearance, then stainless steel is an excellent option.


Toilet Partition Installation

GTA General Contractors Ltd. has 25+ years of commercial construction experience. GTA General Contractors has been in the commercial industry for many years and know what building developers / architects / contractors are looking for in regards to commercial products and services. We are always to looking to improve upon our award-winning service and want to help you ensure your project is top quality. Call us today to get a quote or to receive pricing on your next Toilet Partition Installation.

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