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This pre-qualification form is required for all subcontractors and suppliers, this form assists us in determining if your company is eligible to be included in our list of potential subtrades for future projects. Prequalification is simply a way of gathering and assessing information about interested subcontractors to determine that contractor’s capacity to complete a job. By considering experience, certifications and identifying signs of safety and financial risk, we can assess whether the applicant has the necessary qualifications and skills to work on our projects. Please complete the form below to provide your company information to the GTAGC Subtrade Review Committee for consideration. 

Please Note: We receive hundreds of applications every month, please allow time for our team to review your submission in its entirety. You will be contacted should you make it to the second round of interviews. Submission of this Prequalification Form does not guarantee your company will be added to our bidders list.

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