Top 7 Benefits Of A Home Addition in Toronto 2019

Top 7 Benefits Of A Home Addition in Toronto 2019

Home Additions

Home additions can be a great home construction project, especially in a busy, cramped area like Toronto. Home additions can help breathe new life into older homes and transform the whole look of a neighborhood. While many families across Canada, look into home remodelling, some savvy homeowners are taking full advantage of the many benefits a home addition can provide in Toronto in 2019. When properly constructed home additions can provide many great benefits for you and your family, such as added living space, potential rental income, increased home value, and more. 

1. Add More Living Space

One of the main reasons homeowners want a home addition is for more living space.  A home addition can greatly change the look and feel of your home, and add many great amenities like extra bedrooms, bathrooms, family room, home gym, or a new, bigger custom kitchen. Sometimes, even the smallest home additions can make a world of difference. Adding an extra 2’- 6’ can turn your home into a dream living space. Whether you choose to add a family, dining room, or create a bigger space for your kitchen, a home addition can give you all of the space that you need.

2. Build More Space for Family

Living costs have skyrocketed in recent years, meaning millennials are waiting longer to move out. Which means that parents reaching retirement age are waiting longer to sell their home and downsize. In addition, seniors are finding that with housing costs drastically increasing year over year, they are unable to afford to live on their own. Home additions are a great solution to help out the ones you care about. If the space allows you could create a complete bedroom and bathroom, which your loved ones could use for affordable living. The extra bedroom and bathroom would be perfect for out of town guests as well. Home additions can be costly depending on the size of expansion to your home, however, you can’t put a price on family.

3. Rental / Additional Income

If you choose to build a home addition in Toronto, a great idea is to rent out the expanded space for extra income. While it may be hard to rent out space in your home when you have young kids, you can always rent to a relative who is a student or young professional looking for their first apartment. It is not the most common route to take for a recent home addition, however it is a great way to help out family while making extra income for family trips, retirement, or paying off your mortgage sooner.

4. It Might Increase the Value of your Home

Homeowners believe that by adding more space, it will automatically increase the value of your home, however, this isn’t always the case. While a home addition can add value to your home long-term, we recommend contacting a reputable general contractor in toronto to see what style of home addition is the best choice for your property.

5. Less Expensive Than Moving

It should go without saying that any home addition is almost always cheaper than moving. Moving comes with the hassles and expenses such as packing, hiring movers and organizing your belongings. Home additions typically range in duration from 4-6 weeks for smaller projects to 8 – 12 weeks for larger, more complex projects. When it comes to convenience, home additions win every time.

6. High, Quality Luxurious Feel

As stated earlier, everyone could use more space in their home. If your property allows it, home additions can add a luxurious feel to spaces like your kitchen, bathroom, and family room. With more space you can add many luxurious options to your home such as his and hers sinks in the master bathroom, a steam room or a larger den.

7. Include Larger Windows to Maximize Natural Sunlight

Large Bay windows can add alot of natural light which can help reduce your electricity bill every month. The more available space that you have, the larger the windows should be. Larger windows let in more natural light, and warm the room, reducing your need for heat and electricity, thus lowering your usage.


Home additions are one of the best solutions to more living space. You can transform your house into the home of your dreams and are more convenient, less expensive than moving and buying a new house. Whether you need more space or your living space needs an upgrade, a home addition is a great starting point. GTA General Contractors have completed hundreds of home additions and extensions in the Toronto Area and have the knowledge and expertise to get the job done right.

If you are looking to get more information on the benefits of Home Additions in the Toronto / GTA Area, Send us a message and one of our construction experts will contact you to answer any questions you have.