Amazing Benefits of Using Custom Retail Fixtures in Toronto

Benefits of Custom Retail Fixtures in Toronto

Everyone knows that you can’t attract shoppers to your store if your business doesn’t have something different to offer such as custom retail fixtures. Carrying your own unique merchandise is a start, however, giving your store an incredible and distinct look and feel can definitely reinforce your businesses brand through custom retail fixturing.

Custom Store Fixtures gives your business an image, choosing the correct layout and colours can solidify your business and show that you care about your customers and their in-store retail shopping experience.


Your custom retail fixtures don’t just stand around for no reason, they have a very important job. Sure, they may just be displays for consumer products like groceries, apparel, or miscellaneous products, however they also:


  • Draw consumer attention to certain products or merchandise
  • Contribute to your overall atmosphere
  • Improve consumers retail shopping experience through coordinated and distinct colourways and layouts


Consumers today prefer experience combined with unique/ improved products.

Custom Retail Fixtures fit – aesthetically and functionality.

  • Many companies sell ready-made retail fixtures, but what are the chances that they will fit your commercial or retail space? Not likely.
  • Working with a company who specializes in commercial / retail construction helps you design a beautiful retail space that is sure to attract clients and improve / maintain your businesses reputation.
  • Retail fixtures can be customised to fit nearly every application today – rectangular, square, round are the most popular retail fixture designs in Toronto
  • Fixtures can be customised to fit in anywhere using materials like, wood, phenolic, compact laminate, plastic laminate, glass and stainless steel.


You can create precisely the look and functionality you need. Beautiful phenolic-crafted cabinets and retail / restaurant fixtures, give a very sophisticated atmosphere to your business. Phenolic comes in a wide variety of colours and has similar properties to wood, however, it is much, much more durable. It withstands water, bacteria, making it perfect for commercial, medical or dental office renovations or builds. It is also incredibly durable and vibrant making it ideal for retail centres such as malls, grocery stores, and other high traffic retail centres.  


Custom retail fixture design can be as versatile as you need:

  • Displays, counters, counter-tops,  cabinets and restaurant tables.
  • Shelves
  • POP Displays
  • Wall-mounted displays
  • Sales counters or other types of customer service desks
  • Free-standing floor displays
  • Clothing racks and hanging rods


Materials and textures that blend perfectly with your retail / commercial space help you inspire and encourage shoppers to visit your store. It can also help build onto your brand through well-thought colour coordination of your official company colours, name and logos. You can even colour-coordinate your washroom toilet partitions to seamlessly blend colours across your whole retail space.


Have no idea where to start for Custom Retail Fixtures in Toronto?

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