5 Easy Tips to Creating a More Efficient Restaurant Construction Project

You have always imagined starting a restaurant someday, and now you are finally taking the plunge and making it a reality. You have been provided guidance regarding the initial stages that need to be taken in this business venture, such as developing the concept, locating a location, securing funding, hiring staff, and advertising your new firm. But has anyone mentioned the steps that need to be taken in order to develop the structure that will one day house the company of your dreams? How can you protect yourself from potential obstacles when you are practically starting from scratch to build the life of your dreams? Here are some useful tips.


Renovation or New Build – Determine first if it would be more cost-effective to construct from the ground up or to purchase an existing property and make the necessary renovations. Sometimes a structure will capture your attention, in which case you should make sure to have a construction specialist perform a site visit and offer you estimates on how much it will cost to renovate the building. Quite sometimes, there are a lot of hidden fees, and it’s possible that building would be more cost-effective for you. This is an important stage in the completion of your project. Don’t be shy 


Choosing the Best Restaurant Construction Companies – How do you go about selecting the best restaurant construction company once you have made the decision to build? Choosing a restaurant building company that is familiar with the area should be your first and primary priority. You would stand to gain a significant advantage as a result of their familiarity with the regional sub-contractors and regulatory standards. Second, you should pick a provider that will do what it can to minimize your expenses to a minimum. 

At GTA General Contractors, one of our specialized services is Value Engineering. The big question you might have is what is value engineering and how can it help you save money? Construction Value Engineering is a methodical, planned approach to providing important functionalities in a building project at a more-efficient cost. This is accomplished through the addition of greater value. Value engineering is an approach that promotes the use of materials and technologies that are less costly while maintaining the same level of functionality or performance. It is more concerned with the functions of the various components and materials than it is with the physical qualities of those components and materials. To Learn more about What is Value Engineering in Construction

Before making a final choice, it is important to ask what type of construction projects that the general contractor is currently working on and what their specialties are to make sure it aligns with your project needs. 


Your Construction Budget – How do you manage to stick to your budget? The operators of restaurants are experts at managing their financial resources. A reliable construction business is aware that they are already putting the success of the project in question if they are unable to match the restaurateur’s budget from the very beginning of the project. Choose a business that will discuss potential difficulties with you along the road, such as how to prevent incurring additional charges and how modifications would influence both your entire budget and your bottom line. The worst thing you can do is hire a restaurant builder that only tells you what you want to hear in order to secure your project. The best restaurant builders will be able to foresee potential issues and create plans on how to solve them before they arise.


Recruiting Staff & Key Personnel Early – Ensure that the project is being carried out by the appropriate people from the very beginning. It is critical to have key personnel, such as the head chef and bar manager, on board as soon as possible, despite the fact that the restaurant owner will choose the spending plan and the budget for the establishment. Their participation has the potential to influence several design components within the restaurant. On some of our restaurant builds at GTA General Contractors, we encourage the key personnel such as head chefs to be involved in the design discussions in order to make sure that the space will work for their needs.

Restaurant Trends – Keep an eye out for dining trends. While it should not deter you from your original direction, it is crucial to understand what people today are searching for in their eating experience. Pay attention to elements such as acoustics, bar size and placement, table arrangement around the restaurant, bringing the outside in with open doors for good weather dining, an intimate, rather “chain restaurant” vibe, and different possibilities for cooking for the cooks (wood-fired, gas, etc.) Before making final decisions, do your research and ask your restaurant construction contractor how these options will affect your entire budget. 

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