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Engineering Services

The GTA Engineering Services Department serves as the technical backbone for all of our company’s projects. We provide technical support and professional advice in building engineering, as well as the capacity to back up that assistance with complete engineering drawings when appropriate.

Integrated Engineering for Complex Projects

The pursuit of innovative ideas is at the heart of what we do. Our engineers face some of the most difficult and intricate challenges no matter what project they are working on or where they are located. We innovate by using our creative and inventive skills to the challenge of finding real solutions.

Efficient and Practical Building Engineering Solutions

Smart Design. Expert Delivery. Better Performance.

The scope and purpose of commercial projects demand extensive collaboration across various disciplines. We combine basic engineering services with specific skills to meet harsh conditions and hazards, improve performance and life safety, and lower construction and operational costs.

We stand for our clients as technical experts throughout the development cycle, from early site surveys to design, building, and commissioning. To develop high-performance buildings, infrastructure, and communities, we collaborate with planners, architects, consultants, building owners, and property managers.

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Our Services

Our Award-Winning Construction Services since 1991

Complete Building Engineering Solutions for your Construction needs.

At GTA General Contractors, building quality, impactful and engaging commercial projects fuels our passion and pushes us to reach new heights. Our Award-Winning services include Commercial General Contracting, General Construction, Construction Management and Design-Build services focusing on a comprehensive range of projects and scopes. Our portfolio covers a broad range of sectors within the construction industry. This includes Restaurants, Retail, Offices/Corporate, Commercial, Institutional (I.C.I.), Industrial, Entertainment, Recreational and more!

HVAC & Mechanical Engineering

Electrical, IT & Data System Design

Building Systems Design

Structural Engineering

Why GTA General Contractors?

A Proven and Trusted Construction Engineering Company for all of your Building design needs

To provide engineering and construction projects to our customers, we rely on cutting-edge technologies. Technology shortens timelines, reduces costs, and ensures higher deisgn quality. Our engineering associates do increasingly complex design work, and technology enables them to collaborate in virtual setting across Ontario. 

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Featured Projects

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Project Description The latest Wingstop in Brooklin has been designed to provide an exceptional dining experience, combining modern aesthetics with functional design.

We are thrilled to showcase our latest project for Café Pastel, where every detail has been crafted to create a space that’s

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