Top 5 Retail Design Trends to Watch For in 2019

Top 5 Retail Design Trends to Watch For in 2019

Are you looking to start designing your new retail storefront in 2019? Do you want to stay up to date on all of the Top Retail Design Trends for 2019?

From nature-inspired woodwork to the use of strong, bold colours, retail interior design trends for 2019 will be all about portraying classy designs and providing customers with unique experiences. After all, in the era of online shopping, retail owners must do whatever it takes to provide a memorable experience to their customers.  

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Commercial / Retail Design Trends 2019

Below we have listed the top retail design trends of 2019 that you will start noticing in your favourite stores at the start of the year.

Distinct Bold Colours

Colour has long been the main part of interior design, however, the new trending aspect of design is colour-coordination. Colour-coordinating your retail stores colours to match your logo or company colours helps strengthen your brand and gives your customers a memorable shopping experience. Light shades are beginning to take a backseat to the more popular bold, distinct colours. Colour-coordinating your store with bright and bold colours helps you to draw customer focus to certain products.

Monochromatic will also be a popular choice among retail designs and will begin to make appearances in your favourite retail stores near you. Monochromatic colours will be a common feature in higher-end retail establishments to draw a larger focus on the products whereas the bold colours will be seen more in establishments catering to younger companies.

Customer Experience Matters

72% of shoppers believe online shopping provides better, more in-depth details than in-store shopping, and approximately 55% of Canadians are happy they don’t have to visit jam-packed malls and stores anymore.

As shoppers begin increasingly opting for online rather than stores physically, store owners are trying to attract potential customers back to their stores. Store owners are beginning to provide their customers with unique shopping experiences which go beyond the enter-purchase-leave situation of the past.

As a way to expand on customers retail experience, considering the retail design trends of 2019, technology use is gaining fast strides inside retail centres and are expanding to provide an atmosphere that attracts and retains future customers. In addition, in-store retail spaces that provide shoppers with a modern and unique experience will become increasingly common.

Natural / Eco-Conscious Interior

Businesses began to implement nature and eco-friendly retail fixtures in 2018 and it quickly became one of the hottest retail design trends of the year, we believe that this retail design trend will continue in 2019 and continue through 2020. Incorporating nature into your retail storefront provides your customers with a relaxing shopping experience and encourages customer’s presence and repeat business.

The most populars colours so far this year are mid-tone and light grey woodwork and is exceedingly popular in retail stores. These colours can be used anywhere including floors, walls, or custom retail store fixtures.

Home Away From Home

Another 2019 retail design trend is the integration of home-like atmosphere within your retail stores walls – especially companies that haven’t in the past paid much attention to their stores overall look and feel. Financial services that used to only offer traditional corporate appearances, are starting to incorporate home-like atmosphere as a way to convey to their clients that they care about their comfort.

Modern Nostalgia

With an ever-growing number of customers looking for a unique shopping experience, the pressure is on retail shopping centres to let their potential customers experience something out of the ordinary. To cater to the growing demands of retail shoppers in Toronto, an increasing amount of stores are being renovated and built to incorporate the new modern nostalgia twist into them.

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