Top 5 Reasons to Hire a Facility Maintenance Company in 2020

Whether you are a new building owner or restaurant manager or you are in the midst of building a commercial project, the one thing that they all have in common is the hassle of building maintenance. While building maintenance can be very time consuming, it can reap massive rewards down the road as you avoid costly facility repairs. A major benefit of hiring a reliable maintenance partner is you increase the performance of your facilities equipment and systems like HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing, etc.

The only downside to commercial facility maintenance is you cannot do it by yourself. One thing that is frequently mentioned is that building owners don’t have time to inspect maintenance systems for problems, which makes hiring a reliable, experienced maintenance team that much more beneficial – you save yourself time! 

One facility maintenance company that we have frequently recommended to our clients is Sanitance. Sanitance is a leading provider of commercial facility maintenance & hygiene services in the Toronto / GTA. One major difference between Sanitance vs. other companies is that they aren’t just a commercial maintenance company. Sanitance also offers many other beneficial commercial services such as space sanitization, hygiene solutions, and hygiene products. This allows you to receive more services for less, without the hassle of dealing with a large number of different businesses and numerous invoices.

Are you considering hiring a Toronto commercial maintenance company in 2020? 


  • Saving Money and Time


The only challenge about maintenance is you cannot do it by yourself. You might believe that hiring a commercial maintenance company will cost you too much money, however, monthly plans can be very affordable for the average business owner. Many companies also allow their customers to customize a maintenance plan that works best for them. Customizing your commercial maintenance plan makes sure you only pay for the services you require. Utilizing these options ensures all of the crucial areas are maintained and inspected regularly for possible breakdowns or malfunctions.


  • Boost the Value of Your Building


Once you find a reliable maintenance partner, you will notice a vast improvement in your buildings systems and property valuation. When your property is in good shape, buyers will be more eager to purchase as it shows the building has been well taken care of and maintained. 


  • Reduce the Cost of Future Repairs


When you hire a Toronto maintenance service company, you will begin to learn more about your facility and the services involved in keeping your building performing at its best. Your certified commercial maintenance expert can regularly inspect trouble areas and spot a potential issue before it comes up. Failing to fix an issue in time can result in major damage to other aspects of the facility system.


  • Improves Health & Safety


Having your building or business properly maintained will also boost employee safety. Using equipment that has been lacking properly scheduled maintenance can have a major adverse effect on your employees health and well-being. 

While maintaining and servicing facility equipment and systems can be a danger in itself, it is one of the most important preventative measures to implement, which can reduce your employees exposure to hazards. Commercial maintenance is a simple, smart, effective way to ensure the safety of your entire workplace, and most importantly the safety of your staff. 

  • Facility Systems Last Longer

When your building is properly maintained, you can avoid frequent major repairs long-term. This means less cost to you. You’ll reduce or lessen the potential of business downtime which will ultimately tack even more expenses onto your existing repair costs.


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