Tips for Commercial Renovation

Tips for Commercial Renovation

If you own or rent a commercial space, you have definitely thought about the renovation and redesign options. Completing a commercial renovation is the best way to revitalize your space, re-brand your business and bring a fresh look to it. Whether you just want to freshen up your office space or consider major renovation, it is very important to plan everything properly. Here are our top renovation tips to help make the process short and easy so you can get back to business ASAP.

1. Know exactly why are you renovating. Set up a budget

First step is to determine what is a purpose of your project. Is your goal is to improve the look, add new features, update technology or infrastructure systems? It is crucial to identify your priorities as it will help you save money on your commercial renovation project. Budget is extremely important. Set it up before the beginning of renovation project and try not to exceed it during the process.

2. Think long term

Keep in mind that the purpose of your commercial space might change in time. Make sure you have your five-year plan for the business so you can make renovations accordingly. You migh need some extra space in future, if your business is growing. It’s very important to plan every room and its’ purpose. Practice shows that every business needs smart storage solutions which should have planned before the renovation process starts.

3. Think about your customers and employees

You might be making the final decisions about the design and finishing, but consider it from your customers and emlpoyees perspective too. They will appreciate your updated look, especially if your current space is sporting old trends. Moreover, productivity of employees will be boosted in a new updated space, which will be beneficial for business as well.

4. Reduce your energy bills

Updating your windows, lighting and HVAC system can save your company a lot of energy usage, which results to a significant amount of money saved over the long haul. Use more natural light. Energy-efficient light bulbs and lighting control is critical. Heating, and ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) is responsible for approximately half of a businesses’ energy use. Therefore, It would be smart decision to install modern efficient HVAC system.

5. Get a professional help during commercial renovation

Guidance from experienced general contractors is invaluable when it comes to renovation of commercial spaces. Using a general contractor is the best option, because it eliminates the problem of dealing with several firms simultaneously. They are advisers, designers and builders at the same time. General Contractors will pinpoint potential problems, educate you about possible savings and alternative solutions. Contact GTA General Contractors to receive a free consultation about your project. We provide the best service across Greater Toronto Area.