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How Much Does it Cost to Build a Daycare Centre?

When it comes to developing a new childcare facility or expanding an existing one, most daycare operators have the same question: "How much will it cost to build a daycare facility in Canada?" If you're at this point in your daycare project, this article will help you understand the financial aspects that will be involved.

The entire project cost is clearly influenced by the size of the structure, the site conditions, and the materials to be employed. Your daycare design-build contractor can help you create a budget based on these considerations. Several additional elements, however, should be addressed during the estimate step including:

  • Gathering information to assess effective design
  • Comparing the original cost vs the life cycle cost
  • Recognizing long-term daycare maintenance expenses
  • Making plans for future daycare or nursery school expansion

Information that can be used to improve childcare facility design

Before jumping into the architectural stage, it’s definitely worth your time (and potentially money) to gather facts and ideas that can help you make smarter decisions about your project. Professional engineers, daycare construction companies and consultants, as well as other daycare owners, may offer helpful advice on the design and development of your facility. Depending on the aims of your daycare business, you have a wide range of alternatives to explore.

Your daycare or childcare facility's initial cost vs. life cycle cost

Return on investment, or ROI, is a popular concept these days, and it especially applies to daycare facilities and institutional construction projects. Incorporating components or systems into your building that have a greater initial cost but run more effectively or have a longer life cycle can result in future savings that will outweigh the initial expense. Among the numerous modifications worth considering are an energy-efficient HVAC system, updated insulation in the roof and walls, a tankless water heater, and light fixtures that use LED lighting.

Calculate the time it will take to return your first investment when considering upfront expenditures vs. life cycle costs. The less time spent, the higher your ROI, and the more sense it makes to invest the additional money up front.


What about Daycare Maintenance Costs?

Another aspect of daycare life cycle cost is the costs involved with continuing daycare facility maintenance, whether direct or indirect. Before making final decisions on construction materials and systems, thoroughly consider your future maintenance costs.

From flooring and wall treatments to playground equipment and landscaping, virtually every external and interior material choice has the potential to influence future maintenance and repair expenses. Maintenance needs change depending on the material. The best material for the area is determined by its intended usage and predicted wear and tear. GTA General Contractors takes this into consideration when designing and building a daycare or childcare facility by using value engineering to determine and specify cost-efficient and long-lasting materials during your project.

Preparing for future needs and demands

The majority of daycare operators desire to build a daycare facility that will suit their demands for the next ten years. If this is your objective, it’s critical to design a daycare facility that allows for expansion and anticipates changing daycare construction needs.

Consider the capacity of your HVAC and electrical systems, for example, and how they may effect possible new daycare development. Consider how much room your daycare facility will require in the future to accommodate kids and staffers. Will you require a fully equipped kitchen, an indoor play space, or a pick-up and drop-off space in the near future?

Proactive planning will lessen the impact of, and maybe eliminate, future interior daycare remodelling and removal of site components.

A question that is best addressed by asking more daycare design & development questions.

To summarize, the answer to the question “How much does it cost to build a daycare?” is not that straightforward. However, by asking a series of questions and making sound judgments throughout the process, you may arrive at the best answer for your company. There is no “correct” strategy for every scenario. The daycare facility owner must make each decision in order to balance their wants and the requirements of the children with the constraints of the budget.

GTA General Contractors utilizes a single construction delivery method known as design-build construction, which includes construction consulting, architecture, interior design, construction and budgeting at all phases of the building process. If you are looking to build a new daycare facility or looking to expand, browse our portfolio of educational and childcare facilities and contact one of our offices to find out how we may assist you.

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