Top 5 Tips for Successful Restaurant Construction 2019

Top 5 Tips for Successful Restaurant Construction 2019

Building and planning a restaurant takes a lot of time, skill and effort. Planning a restaurant is not just about classy, stylish design, but rather functional and efficient restaurant operation. Restaurant construction takes time and great attention to detail in order to ensure a successful opening and operation.

If you’re planning a building a future restaurant in Toronto or opening a franchise, here are some tips you should know before you sign with a commercial construction company.

Plan construction schedule accordingly.

Every commercial construction project in Toronto requires an efficient schedule. The first thing you should do before you build a restaurant in Toronto is visualize the type of restaurant you want. Think of the material, style, design, functionality and features that you will need or want your new restaurant to have. A site survey is needed to check the condition of the space that you are looking to renovate and the status of the buildings utilities.

You should first find a suitable location for your future restaurant so the Toronto commercial contractor you choose, has a better idea of how they will factor each aspect into their plans. If your chosen building has other tenants you will need to factor that into your plans so as not to disturb your new neighbors with excessive construction noise. A good contractor will schedule noisy construction around typical peak operating hours.

Focus on Efficiency

Aside from the style of the dining room area, the other restaurant area you should focus your time on is the kitchen area. This is a great spot to get your employees involved, ask the kitchen staff and chefs what they need to be more efficient at work. The kitchen should be laid out in a way that puts a large emphasis on efficiency during food preparation.  Functional stations and a good amount of space helps prevent kitchen staff from running into one another during busy times.

Have your construction plans reviewed

Contact a local building inspector to review your plans for errors or potential mistakes. The restaurant must follow local fire safety requirements, building codes, and health codes. A local building inspector might find that you have missed an important aspect in your plans which could put you at risk for a building code violation.

Set a realistic schedule

Restaurant construction is usually completed within 3 to 6 months depending on the size and depth of the work. You should also take into account the possible lead time for building materials, products, and possible inclement weather which can delay your project.

Only use a trusted contractor

Look in your area for a reliable, reputable contractor who specializes in your construction type. Whether it is retail construction, restaurant construction, or commercial construction. You should look for a contractor that has extensive experience in restaurant fit-ups, design and construction. These types of contractors understand the common problems that can come when constructing a new restaurant and can help you navigate these issues so the project doesn’t waste time.


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