“Punch List”- What Is It Really?

When you are having a custom home construction Toronto, the final phase is to go over your “punch list.” A punch list is a list created at the end of construction. It shows what is left to do in the process or what repairs are needed for finalizing custom home construction Toronto. You and GTA General Contractors will create this list the week before closing. The best time to do it is when you go through your final walk through. You should be taking notes every time you visit your construction site or do a walk through.

If you have a real estate agent, it’s a good idea to have them participate in the punch list because they are not emotionally attached to your home and may have a better eye for identifying flaws.

When creating a punch list for your new home, keep in mind that problems typically fall into two categories: reasonable flaws and unreasonable flaws. Reasonable flaws are flaws that fall within the tolerances of building construction (or insignificant flaws that generally do not affect the quality of the new home). Flaws that have to be fixed are called unreasonable flaws. These problems for sure affect the quality of the home. Once any unreasonable flaws are corrected in your new home, this is called substantial completion. Substantial completion means the new home is livable and can be occupied. Before closing on your new home, you’ll have one final walk through. This is to verify that the items on your punch list were fixed. As long as the new home has reached the point of substantial completion, you should be able to proceed with closing even if everything was not completed.

The punch list starts an exciting time in the process of building your new home. Be happy!! your home is almost done! Remember not to get so excited that that you breeze through your punch list. Or else you will regret that you didn’t take the time to fix these problems.

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