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How to Find the Best Commercial General Contractors in my Area?

Choosing whether to construct a new company facility or renovate an existing one is probably far simpler than choosing which commercial contractor to hire. Simply, not all commercial builders have the necessary abilities and expertise to accomplish your project properly.

Retail and office buildings, for example, have significantly less concerns and standards than hospitals, schools, prisons, sports facilities, and other highly regulated businesses.

Regardless of the size of your next construction project, utilize these five recommendations to choose the best commercial general contractor.

1. Examine Their Portfolio and References

Viewing a commercial general contractors web portfolio is a vital step in understanding their skills. You’ll want your completed project to represent your company’s culture, community, and industry knowledge, so browse for highlighted projects that impress and inspire you. When feasible, pay a visit to the facilities to see their attention to detail firsthand – commercial construction  don’t have to scrimp on uniqueness and workmanship.

Take the time to look through case studies to learn what kinds of obstacles have to be overcome. Request a list of references and follow up with other project owners. Inquire about how simple it was to work with the contractor’s team, how detail-oriented their ideas and follow-through were, if they kept on budget and on time, how they dealt with hurdles, and so on.


While a picture on their website may be worth a thousand words, the connections they’ve formed with previous customers and their ability to keep commitments is the ultimate test of their reputation.

2. Investigate Their Full Range of Services

Today’s commercial general contractors often do more than simply build buildings; there are other aspects of the construction process that must be handled. Consider how your list of possible commercial construction businesses might assist ease additional demands on your time and money when obtaining quotes.

Some commercial contractors, for example, specialize in offering pre-referendum services such as presenting an estimated cost for the project and educating/informing voters about your new school or government building referendum. Even so, it is critical to investigate the breadth of such services. Do they only provide advice or do they do feasibility studies, engage in community forums, supply communication materials, and aid with media?

You could also consider working with a general contractor that has an interior design section to verify that the furniture, accessories, and finishes compliment the architecture and are appropriate for your sort of company. Don’t choose a general contractor based just on pricing; instead, go deeper to ensure you’re comparing apples to apples and grasp the entire spectrum of what they’re giving. 

There are some lower-quality general contractors who underbid construction projects to secure the project, then once they start construction, they start giving your change orders which quickly increase the project above your initial budget. When reviewing any quote make sure that the general contractor is listing everything accurately and explains exactly what they are going to do, their approach and their timelines. A proper commercial general contractor should offer to set up a meeting to review the quote together and answer any questions you have before signing, to make sure you understand the process. This is the difference between the value of a Full-Service General Contractor vs a “Two guys in a truck” team.

3. Investigate Their Safety Record

When it comes to worker and occupant safety, construction is considered an inherently high-risk business. The degree of attention your contractor pays to safety is a direct indication of their ability to finish your project safely, on schedule, and within budget. Nothing may put a project on hold quicker than an on-the-job injury, and the resulting penalties, missed income, and possible lawsuit can be costly.

A firm with a strong safety record can assist safeguard your interests and your brand by avoiding unfavourable media attention.

4. Inquire about their time management and budgeting procedures

Reputable businesses understand how to maintain commercial construction projects on time and on budget, and they accomplish it by building dependable systems and employing seasoned industry professionals. A construction project should function like a well-oiled machine; one overlooked item might have serious effects.


Contractors now use technology to handle all aspects of a project, including timetables, contracts, prices, subcontractors, permits, supplies, delivery, and a variety of other factors. Inquire about their track record for completing projects on schedule, as well as their strategies for dealing with scope modifications, possible obstacles, and other unforeseen scenarios that may develop over time.

5. Become acquainted with the project team

Once you’ve chosen a choice, you’ll collaborate closely with the general construction team until the project is finished. Depending on the planning process, the complexity of your project, and the services required, that period may stretch many months or even years, as is often the case with referendum-required projects. Creating a wonderful facility is crucial, but building amazing connections is what will separate a good experience from one you’ll never want to repeat.

The proposal and budgeting processes should include the project team so that you can get to know them and their degree of experience. Equally vital is that your personalities mesh and that you feel comfortable exchanging ideas and providing criticism. Get a sense of how accessible and communicative they will be during the process.

Even if a commercial general contractor checks all the boxes in terms of procedures, money, design, and other factors, having a compatible, transparent, and trusted relationship may be the most crucial element. At GTA General Contractors, we want your business to open to massive success and we want to help you build your construction projects more efficiently with cost-effective and value-added commercial building solutions.


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