Tips on Exterior House Renovations in GTA / Toronto

Tips on Exterior House Renovations in GTA / Toronto

If you are in the market for exterior home renovations, there are many things that you can do to unlock the true value of your home.

Even on low budgets, a house renovations is a great investment. Transforming the exterior of your home is tricky when it comes to choosing the correct colour or finish for siding, roofing, or windows. So we have put together a list to help you make a better decision.

Exterior Finishes: What Should You Choose?

If your home looks like it did in the 1970s or 1980s, it may be time for a change. There are many house siding choices you can go with when completing house renovations in Toronto, however, a good rule of thumb is to choose similar designs to your neighbours.

This blends your home into the community and modernizes it at the same time. Great choices for siding on your home renovation in GTA are brick/stone, wood panelling, cladding, or paint.

Replacing Your Roof in Toronto / GTA

On some home renovations in Toronto / GTA,  especially bungalows, your roof is a very dominant feature of your home. Choosing the correct materials for your renovation is important to protect your home from damages and leaks.

There are many options to consider such as Composite Shingle, Wood Shingle, Standing Seam Metal, Wood Shake, Clay (Spanish) Shingle, and Slate Roofing. 

These styles of roofing range in longevity from 10-15 (Composite Shingle) to 100+ (Slate).

Another option to consider when re-doing your roof in Toronto is whether or not to add skylights / rooflights. It is easier to make these adjustments with the roofing material off than having to remove some tiles for construction later on.

Replacing your Windows

Windows are the more prominent aspects of your home and if they are starting to show their age, chances are, your house will too. Some things to look for when inspecting windows are fading colours, warped screens, damaged/leaking glass, poor/no weatherstripping, and inoperable/ damaged hardware.

Best decision is to have a professional look at your windows to give you a better idea of the kind options available, whether you should replace or fix the windows.

Adding an Extension/ Addition

Adding home additions in Toronto can be difficult partly due to the lack of space, however, most people instead of renovating their home out choose to go up. Adding a second story to homes in Toronto has become very common and very efficient at maximizing space without losing any property.

Changing the shape of your house can be very time-consuming for most people. GTA General Contractors has completed many house renovations in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area and know exactly what steps to take to have your Toronto home addition project completed to your utmost satisfaction.

Improving your Property

As every Toronto resident will tell you, Toronto life is very busy and compact. This shows in your property. Make the most out of the land that you have by hiring a landscape professional or if you have a strong work ethic and a “greenthumb” try it yourself. Improving your property can be a great do-it-yourself project for the family. Although there are some more technical aspects that should be completed by professionals like adding a porch, things like adding/improving the garden is something that even young kids can help with and can make a very fun weekend activity.

In regards to the addition of a porch/deck, you should think carefully about design and materials. This can make all of the difference when it is completed. The porch should have a similar construction to your home, suit the natural exterior layout and be built for your needs.

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