3 Amazing Benefits of a Home Addition

If you find that your home is lacking space and aren’t interested in moving somewhere else, a home addition can be the perfect solution! Whether you are starting a family, expanding your family or you just need more space, home additions allow you to add as much space as you need within your lot. You can add a single room or even add a brand new section to your home, the possibilities are endless. Below are our Top 3 Amazing Benefits of Home Additions or Home Extensions.

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#1 – Additional Space

The first benefit, and the most obvious, of a home addition is the additional space. Home additions can be as large or small as you need- from adding a new bathroom, expanding the kitchen, or designing a new bedroom for baby or family member. Home additions are incredibly popular with families whose parents or in-laws move-in later in life, so they can customize the newly added space to their needs.

#2 – Increased Home Value

If you are planing on selling in the not so distant future, a home addition can be a great investment that can add significant value to your home. Many buyers are willing to pay more for a home that is well-laid-out for family such as big open kitchens, and multiple bathrooms / bedrooms

#3 – Potential Savings

If you had to decide between moving and adding a home addition, you might be tempted to choose moving. However, home additions are almost always less expensive than moving in the end, and with the right contractor, they are far easier and less time-consuming. Another benefit is the ability to rent out the renovated area to family or tenants by building a living space in the basement, above the garage or a separate building on the property.

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