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Why spend your valuable time and money, dealing with multiple facility maintenance sub-contractors with unrewarding service, when you can have a complete commercial facility maintenance and hygiene solutions all provided from one source, consistently and proactively, with a monthly cost you can afford. GTA General Contractors offers a complete line of product, as well as both pre-emptive and ongoing hygiene & performance maintenance solutions for all Retail, Restaurant, Industrial, Office, and Hospitality Facilities. 

GTA Commercial Facility Maintenance is Toronto’s Leading Commercial Maintenance Partner of choice for many of the GTA’s top restaurant, retail, industrial and hospitality facility operation teams. GTA Facility Maintenance is proud to offer preventative maintenance and hygiene solutions to help your business operate more efficiently and effectively to reduce the chance of facility downtime or equipment malfunction. 

GTA General Contractors commercial maintenance and facility service plans, address key areas of your commercial facility, encompassing facility and washroom hygiene facility maintenance plans, warewashing and chemicals, mechanical equipment & Restaurant kitchen hygiene servicing. Ask us about one-time commercial maintenance visits or monthly plans for your restaurant, hospitality or retail business.

For more information or to set up a free maintenance or hygiene consultation with your local GTA Commercial Maintenance Expert, call us at (647) 341-1030 to speak about how we can help you improve your Maintenance and Hygiene tasks.

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Sanitance – Commercial Facility Maintenance & Hygiene Services is a commercial facility maintenance and hygiene company and a proud member of the Abeco Group of CompaniesSanitance specializes in all aspects of commercial maintenance services including restaurant maintenanceretail maintenance, hospitality maintenance, disinfection services and hygiene product solutions

Owning and / or managing your business requires you to jump through many hurdles every single day. Let the maintenance and hygiene tasks be one less weight off your mind. By outsourcing your maintenance and hygiene tasks, you can effectively and efficiently streamline your business operations and focus on what matters most – your business!

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Toronto Restaurant Maintenance Companies GTA

GTA Restaurant Maintenance is a highly specialized team of commercial facility maintenance experts dedicated to maintaining restaurant, retail, industrial and hospitality systems. Our experienced team of Commercial Maintenance Experts, Commercial Equipment Cleaners, Hygiene Product Specialists, Disinfection Experts and our own in-house specialized Commercial Facility Repair Team, we have the necessary experts to fix and maintain your commercial system.

Whether you need a full package Commercial Maintenance & Hygiene  Solution Monthly Plan or a one time visit – Our Toronto Commercial Maintenance CompanySanitance is here to help get your commercial system back on track.

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We Use State-of-the-Art Maintenance Equipment to give your Facility the perfect edge...

Quality, Credible, Licensed, Fast Service – All attributes a Certified, Qualified, and Credible Commercial Maintenance Company should have, and all values that GTA General Contractors will deliver on an on-going basis.

Our Commercial Maintenance and Service Plans, address key areas of your commercial facility. Our Commercial Maintenance Services encompass a wide range of facility maintenance needs – including commercial facility maintenance, mechanical equipment maintenance, Commercial Building Maintenance and more.

In the Post-Covid19 world, and to help businesses address ongoing hygiene concerns, we have developed solutions to include a one-time maintenance services or ongoing facility maintenance and  equipment maintenance into your planned monthly schedule as requested.

Our Restaurant Maintenance Service Plan was created with restaurant owners and managers in mind. We will customize your Restaurant Maintenance Plan to suit the critical needs of your restaurant facility system and business. Whether an international franchise, or a local restaurant, we are here to help maintain your restaurant systems to keep your restaurant running at its best with our Certified Restaurant Preventative Maintenance System.

We will complete a detailed inspection of your Restaurant System with added focus on crucial restaurant facility systems like HVAC, Electrical, Restaurant Equipment, Grease Traps, Refrigeration, Kitchen Hood Cleaning, etc. to produce an in-depth restaurant system health checklist so you can see the areas that require immediate attention.

Sanitance is Toronto / GTA Complete Retail Store and Retail Facility Maintenance Services leader. We operate 24/7 to reduce business interruptions and facility downtime for your retail operations. Our licensed and Certified Retail Maintenance Experts have the practical training while using the industries best retail maintenance practices to deliver the results you need.

Sanitance Certified Retail Maintenance Technicians will ensure that your retail system doesn’t let you down. Our Certified Technicians are some of the industries leading experts in maintaining and repairing Retail Facility Systems while simultaneously catching potential issues before they become problems. 

From maintaining comfortable interior temperatures, ensuring adequate lighting and proper well-kept storefront, Sanitance is here to help your Retail Business prosper. Tell us the Retail Facility Maintenance Services you need, and we will tell you how we can help.


The quality and its installation are very important aspects of your project; we wouldn’t trust anyone but the delicate, experienced hands of our dedicated millwork installation team. Since all of the millwork elements and components are fabricated in-house – we deliver! 

Our Millwork installation team will hand-assemble and install your custom millwork products, guaranteeing a tight and perfect fit on-site.

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